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My company is struggling to find a experienced consulting organisation that can provide optimised energy solutions, Can you help us?

Yes Indeed, all we need is few details about your work place, processes, number of employees, orientation of the workplace infrastructure and we can save energy consumption by a minimum of 20-60% of monthly average.

How do I know that FLOROSENSE is the right consulting agency for me?

Our vast experience, strong customer relationship management, proven results, success stories of existing clients & projects, remarkable team members and the will to provide better than what others could settle. We are more than ready to accept challenges

Does your company provide Realtime Data capturing, Monitoring and analysis services?

Indeed it is one of the strongest field and requires most critical skill to perform in perfection. If we consider a simple continuous water analysis where the application is to refine the water treatment plant, the final outcome shall be a cumulative feedback of the quality of Realtime instruments are chosen, the method and standard they are calibrated, the way the data is collected and analysed and the solution chosen to overcome stabilisation of the specific parameter

Does your company provide advanced automation solutions

The beauty of FLO Team is that dedicated and experienced field experts across the globe involve into every solution which helps identify future outliers and challenges and help counter it thereby improving lifecycle of any project, similarly Automation of utilities whether it is a Process application or the Post production process or the Pollution control application or the Material testing, we possess the exact, tried n tested solutions for such fields

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